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Deboffles was established by Societe Nouvelle Deboffles in 1947 in the northern region of France as a small agriculture enginereering firm.

Today Deboffles still runs as an enginereering firm involved in agriculture and under different ownership but it is more involve with manufacturing machinery for the industry behind the scenes of agriculture such as fertilizer blending,animal feed production and green waste management machinery aswell as a few items of machinery made for the farm.

The product Deboffles is interested of importing into the UK is their very popular straw spreader for the bedding up of loose yards.The range consist of three models MANIPAILLE, MANICUBE and the MULTIPAILLE.

The machines were designed by a farmer for farmers in the early 1990's and went into production in 1994, manufacturing somewhere between 170 and 220 units a year depending on demand with 90 - 95% being sold direct into the French market and the other 5 - 10% being sold into boardering countries.

It is now that Deboffles feels it can branch out into other countries in a larger way with this very simple reliable machine and although the machine has been available in the UK since the late 1990's it was in a third party's name & livery and to date there are approx 450 unit UK.

Deboffles UK - Manipaille Round Bale Straw Spreader

Customer Testimonial

"The Deboffles Manicube gives us great results. It's so simple to attach, excellent
quality and lightweight."

Anthony Gothard, Slough Court Farm, Somerset

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